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Spanish themed activity camp for 4-7 year olds.


Tues 25th - Thurs 27th August 2020,

10-3pm,  Northwood (HA6)

(£35/day or £99 for 3 days)

Camp Staff

From the moment your child arrives, there will be a friendly, smiling face waiting for them. Social distancing will be maintained during ALL activities throughout the three days.

Personal interaction is key and our staff are selected not only for their qualifications but for their nature and sensitivity towards younger children.

Acting in loco parentis, we apply the same standards of care and safety that any parent would expect, not least because many of us are parents too. So, you can rest assure that whilst your child is having fun, they are being well looked after too.

August Camp Flyer.jpg

Arrival and Collection

When you leave your child with us, you will need to sign a register and give us details of anyone different who might be collecting them later that day. We operate a password system to ensure your child’s safety is never compromised so please make sure you have shared your password with the alternative adult.

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