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Parents Testimonials

What parents think of Mini Lingos...

Amazing 3rd birthday entertainment with Mini Lingos - We thought that this year we should embrace Spanish at my daughters birthday party as she is already receiving Spanish lessons by Mini Lingos at her nursery and she loves it. The session was extremely well received by the kids and I would extremely recommend the high level of  professionalism of Jo Morris and her team”

“We really love Mini Lingos. My son is very young he has only recently turned 3 years but enjoys the class and is learning along the way.  Jo is very engaging and keeps the class interested with lots of props and active participation. She personalises the sessions calling children by their names and asking for volunteers to feedback to apply their learning in a gentle and effective way. The songs are repeated over several weeks and I understand how this use of repetition helps to build neural pathways in the brain and embed the learning. A really great class that teaches Spanish in a fun and engaging way. Well done Mini Lingos!”

Thank you so much for your wonderful classes! Lily loves them and has watched every class many times - it’s the first thing she asks for in the morning. We really appreciate the effort that goes into each class. Thank you!

Thank you so much for a fab class this morning Jo. Saul is currently in the garden repeatedly singing "hola, hola, ¿cómo estás? Muy bien gracias!”

“Thank you so much for Tuesday’s class. Christopher really enjoyed it. He has been singing in Spanish ever since and today pretended to be you doing the class!”

"Amazing online class!! My son has loved the nursery classes since day one... bringing them online is a life saver and highlight of his week! Thank you!!"

My daughter’s old nursery used Mini Lingos for weekly Spanish classes which I thought was completely ridiculous at 20 months. I was wrong, they absolutely loved it, the class may have taken place on Monday morning but they still spoke about it at pick up. One night a couple of weeks after starting my daughter was saying ad - josh and I realised she was saying adios and it just continued from there. It’s clearly a fun, interactive class that the children were completely engaged in.

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