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Why Mini Lingos?


Why Mini Lingos?

Mini Lingos offers something a bit different -  by using well known nursery rhymes and recognisable children's songs, our musical Spanish nursery classes are unique, bringing the Spanish language to life in a fun and familiar way.

A wide range of props are used during every Spanish music class including puppets, scarves, ribbons, instruments, parachutes, bubbles and more. The children sing along in Spanish to some of their favourite, recognisable nursery rhymes and tunes.

No worksheets or books are used. Our Mini Lingos philosophy is purely for children to soak up Spanish just by having fun and enjoying themselves!

“Our daughter now has a small vocabulary of Spanish words and phrases, but as far as she's concerned, she's just been having fun!”

(Father of Indie, 4)

Why choose Mini Lingos for your setting?
  1. ​Our Spanish nursery classes are suitable for all ages from babies to pre-school 

  2. Great value for money as it’s a musical Spanish nursery class and a Spanish language lesson all in one!

  3. Extremely professional yet approachable staff with a high standard of class delivery

  4. Easy communication with Mini Lingos Head Office

  5. Dedicated teachers who have all been trained to deliver Spanish nursery classes in the Mini Lingos style

  6. Continuous investment made for new props,  materials and resources

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