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Our Classes

Our fun, engaging and interactive musical Spanish nursery classes are unique, using recognisable children's songs and nursery rhymes, encouraging both the children and staff to join in. Suitable for all ages, from babies up to pre-school.
What are our musical Spanish classes like?
  • ​Lively, fun, colourful, energetic & educational

  • Recognisable songs and nursery rhymes used throughout the Spanish nursery class

  • Enjoyable for nursery staff too - we encourage the "grown ups" to join in and sing along with the children

  • We use a combination of sensory props, puppets, bubbles, maracas, ribbons and more, making Spanish language learning fun and exciting for everyone!

What happens during a musical Spanish nursery class?

During a typical 30 minute class, your Mini Lingos teacher will welcome the children with our "Hola" song and will end the class with our "Adiós" song. In between, the children will shake maracas, hide behind scarves, row their boats, count with claves and pop bubbles, just to name a few.

Examples of English/Spanish songs used in our classes:
  • Sleeping Bunnies,

  • Wind the Bobbin Up

  • Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

  • If you're happy and you know it

  • Incy Wincy Spider

  • Three Little Ducks

  • Row Row Row the Boat

  • Plus many more

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